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TOWIE number plate up for sale.29-Sep-2011

FANS of the programme The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) could make their friends ‘well jel’ with a personalised number plate bearing the catchphrase from the show.

Jason, 26, has snapped up the number plate WE11 JEL – a phrase meaning ‘really jealous’ made popular on the show – along with about 14 other 2011 registrations, including TE11 ALL and JE11 UZZ.

A new series of TOWIE started on Sunday night and Mr Russell said one of its former stars, Amy Childs, was interested in buying the flashy plate.

“I watch the show occasionally and I knew the significance WE11 JEL, which jumped out at me,” he said.

“I've always had a great passion for number plates, right from a young age, as my Father Keith Andrew Russell was always very interested in them, purchasing his first number plate KAR 7 at the age of 18, which he still owns 39 years later.

“I followed in his footsteps, purchasing J12 USS at the age of just 15.”

The businessman, who runs a telecoms company from his home in Queen’s Road, managed to bag the plates when they were released by the DVLA earlier in the year, beating competition from bigger traders.

“When they first came out, the website was crashed,” he added. “You couldn’t get on it, but I set up seven or eight computer screens and started early in the morning, so I beat some of the traders.

“The 2011 plates are the best, because you can make up so many words.”

He has now had the number plates made up and is hoping to sell his TOWIE-inspired purchase for at least £100,000, although he remained tight-lipped about how much the licenses had cost him.

“The prices all vary really,” he added. “The WE11 JEL one would be suitable for TOWIE fans as well, and they’re good for people with flashy cars who want to stand out from the crowd.”