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Buy Perspex Elite Registration Plates

Buy Perspex Number Plates


Once you’ve found your elite registrations and made your own personalised number plate, we can give you the option to buy Perspex plates for proudly displaying the reg number on your car, motorbike or other vehicle.

Every vehicle in the UK and Ireland is required to display Perspex number plates on any vehicle being driven on the road. By law, these Perspex number plates should consist of black letters and have a standardised font and spacing.

Perspex number plates must also have a white background on the front of a vehicle and yellow on the rear. You must own the elite registration mark before it’s displayed on your vehicle.


Acrylic number plates

Our acrylic number plates are the best choice for displaying your brand new registration mark on any vehicle when you buy number plates with us; this is because they are durable, heat and oil resistant and not likely to bend.

These kinds of acrylic number plates are also easy to install, meaning they could be displayed on your car within a matter of minutes!

Buy Perspex number plates from us today. The process is made as easy as possible and you could even drive away with a new elite registration in no time!