Plate Alert

Number Plate Alert Service


  • Plate Alert Is a completely free service

  • We will email you once your specific number plate becomes available

  • You can let us know if you change your mind at anytime and we will change your requirements

  • We can alert you if a number comes available that is a close match to what you want

  • FInd out about your specific registration coming to market before anyone else

  • We have a wealth of experience in dealing with registrations, we will search the entire market to find your registration

  • Once we have found the registration you are looking for we will handle all the paperwork on your behalf.

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Enter the NAMES(s) that you wish to spell (separated by commas) e.g. MARK, MARY

Enter the WORDS(s) that you wish to spell (separated by commas) e.g. APPLE, ORANGE

Enter a special date (dd/mm/yyyy) e.g. DATE OF BIRTH

If you have any exact plate(s) in mind enter them here (separated by commas)

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