How much is my number plate worth?

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When you come to selling a private plate, you may be surprised at how much it is worth! Personalised private number plates can be a great investment and can fetch from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands. How much a number plate is worth depends on a few factors, including:

How common is my private number plate?

One factor which indicates how much your number plate is worth is how common it is, and how often people are searching for it. How many number plates are similar to yours? Does it contain common names and initials?

If your private plates are to display a name like ‘Gemma’, there can be a few variations including; ‘GEM’, ‘G3M’, ‘G3 MMA’ and ‘GE MM4’. Number plates that have many variations tend to be worth less due to a high chance of other private plates having the ability to achieve the same effect.

Names and numbers

Personalised number plates that spell a word, phrase or name are always expected to fetch more cash than a standard reg plate. In terms of numbers, private plates that use the number ‘1’ tend to be worth more than other numbers.

We also factor in the amount of letters/numbers when it comes to finding out how much your private number plate is worth as shorter plates tend to be worth more.

Age of a private plate

The reason why shorter number plates are worth more is because they tend to be older. These private plates are not in circulation as much as longer plates as they were first used over 100 years ago making them rarer and in turn, making them more desirable to registration number hunters.

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