Customised Number Plates


Customised Number Plates to Buy Online

Not every individual is happy to keep the registration that is allocated to their car, and Platehunter are specialists at helping clients find customised number plates.  Our database is packed with over 30 million options, so it’s not exactly difficult to find one that expresses your individuality. Imagination is often required to create the most unique combinations, mainly because UK law only allows three letters to appear consecutively, without any intervening numbers.

This means that to form names and words you have to find a way to make numbers resemble letters. For example if your name was Paul Steal, and you wanted a combination that spells out your surname, then ‘STE 4L’ would be a good option. If you’re an individual who’s an avid football fan supporting Southampton, then you may simply want to acquire the club’s nickname ‘Saints’, which is achievable by purchasing ‘S41 NTS’.

Customised Number Plates with Plate Hunter

Our experienced team are always happy to suggest different options that can meet our clients’ individual requirements, while we do provide registrations for various budgets. We have prefix, suffix and dateless registrations available, as well as current style, and our team can carry out the transfer process on our client’s behalf. Once you’ve decided on a registration and you’ve placed your order, we only need your log book, MOT certificate and tax disc (if necessary) to begin the process. Finding customised number plates that meet your requirements is easy, all you need to do is use one of our three search tools, you’ll then be provided with a list of relevant results. If you’re set on a specific registration and it cannot be found in our database, then Platehunter can help; we can carry out our own search, using our professional contacts to obtain it and supply it to you at the lowest possible price.

Customised Registrations with a Smooth Process

Before any order is made it’s important to make sure your reg is suitable for the car that you want to assign it to. Customised number plates with an age identifier cannot be assigned to a vehicle to make it appear newer than it actually is. For example, a 14 plate cannot be assigned to a 10 plate vehicle. If your registration meets the necessary DVLA requirements, then we can virtually guarantee smooth transfer processes each and every time for our clients’ customised number plates.

To find out more about our registrations or to get some ideas suited to your own requirements, contact Platehunter today via email or by calling us on 01952 588888