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When buying number plates with Platehunter, use our number plates maker and create your own personalised plate. We have thousands of options for you to choose from and with millions of letter and number combinations, we’re sure that our number plates maker will help you find the best personalised accessory for your vehicle!


Make your own number plate

Take advantage when you make your own number plate - it’s your chance to get as creative as possible! There are so many variations for you to choose from and with our registration plate maker, you can personalise your car, bike or other vehicle within a matter of minutes.

The combination of letters and numbers that you string together can be made for an obvious message or a personalised joke that only you understand. Our choice of font styles, badges and borders means you can create your own new reg and proudly display it on your vehicle knowing it’s one of a kind.

Make a number plate gift

When you use our number plates maker, it doesn’t have to be for yourself! Making your own number plate is a great gift for a friend, family member or loved one as they truly are one of a kind presents – nobody else in the world will have the same one!

If you’re stuck for ideas or can’t seem to find a combination that you think somebody would like, our number plate experts can help you make a number plate that we’re sure they’ll love. Get in touch with the Platehunter team and use our registration plate maker.