Personalised Reg Plates


Personalised Registration Plates

Buying and Selling Help

Personalised registration plates are more popular now than they have ever been. They are the ultimate custom modification to your car, stamping it with you your own unique personality and saying to the world, “Hey this is me driving this car”. 

If you’ve not yet dipped your toe into the water, then you might appreciate a little help, a nudge in the right direction as it were, when it comes down to finding out what’s about, and how best to go about getting hold of the personalised registration plates that you want, without incurring too much expense.

You can of course set about doing your own searching, but if you’re new to this market niche, you might very well find it more complex than you thought. Not only can it be quite difficult to try and track down the personalised registration plates that you’ve set your heart on, but even supposing you did find them, you may not know what the going rate is for that particular set of plates. You’re far better off finding a reliable plate tracking service that you can trust to do the donkey work for you.

Personalised Registration Plates

Plate Hunter is one of the top registration tracking companies here in the UK. The great thing about them is the huge volume of stock that they hold, so much so that you may well find the exact plates that you’re looking for in stock. But if they haven’t got the exact personalised registration plates you are looking for, they will set about finding them for you.

Because they are experts in their field, Plate Hunter have got an amazing network of contacts that they’ve developed over the years. Using this vast network they are able to track most personal registration plates down if they already exist and are owned by someone else. The great thing about this tracking service is that Plate Hunter, with their depth of experience and their fingers firmly on the pulse, know exactly how much to offer, whereas you, acting on your own, could easily be scammed.

The other exceptional thing about Plate Hunter is that can also sell your personal registration plates to them or via them if you feel the need, or the mood takes you. But once again, because they know the market so well, they know what price you can expect to get. Unlike many other license plate finding services, Plate Hunter keep their fees to the absolute minimum which means that everybody wins whether they are buying or selling.

When Plate Hunter are acting on your behalf to sell your number plates, they will tell you the price that they recommend you to ask for. Now it may be possible that once your personal registration plates have been uploaded onto the “for sale” page on their website, that buyers may come along with a lower offer. Plate Hunter do have a clear ethical policy and this dictates that any offer that is made for your plates will be made known to you whether it is larger or smaller than the recommended asking price. Whatever the bid, you, and you alone, are the one to accept or reject it. You remain in full control.

As you can see, whether you are buying or selling personal registration plates, Plate Hunter are the best company to partner with.