DVLA Number Plate Auction

DVLA Number Plate Auction


Looking for a great day out that will allow you to revel in all things motor and car-related? You’ll love a day out at one of the DVLA auctions, and it may be your best bet for enjoying the release of your dream plate. Revel in the fun (and sometimes tense!) atmosphere at one of these reg plate auctions – an event that truly satisfies any auto-motive news fix.  

Twice a year (usually before the release of the new reg plates with the latest year identifiers), DVLA auction off thousands of DVLA number plates - all of which are registration marks that have previously been un-issued.   

Previous Number Plate Auctions

These DVLA auctions have raised millions since the start of their auctions in 1989 and many of the UK’s most valuable plates have been auctioned at one of these events. The latest auction managed to raise £1 million, with one single plate alone being sold for over £55,000!

You are able to search through past number plates that have been sold at a previous number plate auction, which can be helpful if you’re looking for rough figure that you can expect to pay for a similar reg. Search for plates that have been sold at these DVLA auctions that go back to when the auctions started, as well as being able to see the price it was sold for.

Want to get involved with the next DVLA auction? Browse through the online catalogue and see if anything takes your fancy. If not, get in touch with the Platehunter team and let us take the legwork out of it for you – making your journey to a personalised reg as easy as possible.