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Finding your ideal number plates isn’t an easy task, which is why the Platehunter team are here to help make the buying, selling, transferring and finding of a registration plate as easy as possible.

The long search for your perfect private plates can be daunting and not knowing where to start is a common issue. Using our number plate finder, you will be able to find your ideal private number plate and thanks to our price match promise, we can provide you with it for some of the most competitive prices around!


Car number plate search

Completing a number plate search is the first place to start when completing any registration plate transfer process. Our reg plate finder is the best way to search for your personalised plate.

Simply type in a rough idea of what you want to be included in the number plate and our private plates number plates searcher will come up with all of the possible combinations you could choose from. Our online database contains over 56 million number plates; one is bound to be perfect for you!


Find private number plates

Buying a DVLA plate from us couldn’t be simpler. Just type what you are looking for in the main search box; this could be your initials, your name, the football teams you support or just a combination that is special to you. Our car registration finder will then display all the relevant results from the database and you can choose the perfect one for you.

If you don’t manage to find the right combination using our number plate finder, give us a call on 01952 588888, and we will be happy to help you hunt! We are called Platehunter for a reason you know…