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Number plate valuations


Number plate valuations 

Valuing before selling a number plate isn’t an easy task to complete on your own as there are many factors that feature into how much a number plate is worth, including the amount of numbers/letters and if any common words, names or phrases are shown.

If you’re looking to sell your number plate and you need some advice on how much to advertise it for, our private number plate valuations are sure to recommend you the best possible price.

Complete the form above to receive your free valuation.


Factors of a private number plate valuation

Your number plate valuation is determined by how desirable it is to other people, as well as how rare the plate is. Although every number plate is ‘rare’ (there is only one of each!), some are rarer and more desirable than others.

The reg valuation will differ, depending on whether or not it features common names, dates and initials. Names like ‘S1 MON’, ‘S4 RAH’ and ‘JON 1’ are all examples of private plates that we would class as ‘valuable’ as they are likely to appeal to a lot of people.


Value my number plate!

How do I value my reg? This is a question we are commonly asked, and the answer is very simple. Our private number plate valuation service compares your reg plate to similar registration numbers and is completed by our specialist plate experts who have years’ of experience. This means that you will get an accurate number plate valuation as their advice comes from studying the history and value of past private plates.

Studying the history and trends of number plates gives our team a reliable way to complete private number plate valuations, helping you to advertise your plate for the best price and cash in on your private reg plate.