Current Car Registrations

Current Car Registrations


We have a huge range of current car registrations for you to choose from; all of which are completely road-legal and approved by DVLA. Search for your ideal current style number plate with Platehunter and thanks to our price match promise, we can guarantee that we’ll match any quote that you’ve found elsewhere!


Current registration plates are the newest style of number plates and have been used on vehicles since September 1st 2001. They were introduced as, inevitably, the available combinations with prefix format ran out. This new style proved to be a big change to the previous style of registration plates and was the start of the introduction for region and year identifiers.
New number plates all have the same style – 2 letters (coding for the region the vehicle was registered in), followed by 2 numbers (year identifier) and finally 3 random letters.

Another important change was that registrations now change twice a year instead of once. The use of a two-digit code instead of a single letter allows for many more permutations thus extending the useful life of the current scheme
This current style of number plate is estimated to be used for the next 50 years, so it’s definitely worth bagging your dream plate before someone else does!


A new car registration can easily be personalised and they’re usually cheaper than other styles of plate. They can be used for initials and short names – great news if you have a name like TOM, SUE or SAM as they can be the three letters at the end of the plate!
For people with middle names and/or 3-word names, initials can also be shown at the end of a new car registration. These also tend to be cheaper than other personalised number plates as they are more niche.
Find the perfect new reg today and buy online with Platehunter’s secure online payment system. With the option to add acrylic plates at very competitive prices, you really can’t go wrong!