When you’re looking for the perfect accessory for personalising your vehicle, you really can’t go far wrong when you buy one of our DVLA unissued Goverment stock private plates. We stock millions of DVLA registrations and for some of the best prices around, we’re sure that they can put a smile on anybody’s face!

They began selling their registrations at number plate auctions in the late 1980’s and they still prove popular with motoring fans all over the country. It’s also home to where some of the biggest-selling plates were sold, with the plate ’25 O’ setting the record for DVLA’s most paid-for number plate for a massive £400,000! Other notable sales include ’51 NGH’, which sold for £245,000, and ‘KR15 HNA’, sold for a hefty sum of £233,000.

If you’re not prepared to spend thousands on a simple way to customise your car, we have the perfect DVLA unissued Goverment stock number plate for you to suit any budget - we’re sure of it!

Private Plates

The cherished plates that we provide are mainly of the prefix and current style, but we are able to hunt down any specific registration plate that you are looking for; offering it to you at the best price – guaranteed. You can view our range of  number plates for sale, or complete a registration check if you already have your heart set on one.


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