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Looking for a new personalised number plate? Look no further than Platehunter! We have millions of different letter and number combinations on our online database that can help you find your ideal UK reg plates. With over 56 million cherished number plates for you to choose from, we’re sure that you’ll be driving away with your newest car accessory in no time once you’ve completed your private number plates search.


Private Personalised Car Number Plates

Along with our range of current number plates, we have a range of personalised number plates for sale that you can proudly display on your vehicle.  These personalised number plates are available in many different styles (prefix plates included!), all designed to help you make your car truly one of a kind.

Dateless & Cheap Number Plates

Our dateless number plates are amongst our collection of cheap car registration number plates – all of which are available at some of the best prices around. Our competitive pricing and price match promise means that you are guaranteed to purchase replacement number plates at better prices than you ever anticipated!

Custom Car Cherished Number Plates

You are able to create customised number plates with our simple online tool. Instead of searching for private registration plates for sale, you can create your own in the comfort of your home. The best part? They’re probably some of the cheapest number plates around!

Premium Number Plates

For bigger budgets, we also have premium number plates that ensure your vehicle really is eye-catching! You can find elite registrations here, searching through private car registration number plates and finding the perfect match for your sports car.

We can also provide information on number plate auctions – helping you to bid on many elite registrations – and information about car registration years.

Get in touch with the Platehunter team today and find the perfect reg plates for your vehicle. Our team of car number plate experts are always on hand to help you with the search and purchasing of your plates, taking all of the confusing paperwork and forms out of your hands!