Number Plate Enhanced Listing Service

Enhanced Listing Service



Platehunter is launching a new service that is exclusive to our direct customers and is not available to any other dealers.
Its our new “Enhanced Listing Service” which allows our seller’s of registrations to push their registration to the top of the list .
We are offering you a chance to put the spotlight on your registration by signing up to this service which allows you to choose 3 keywords or 5 keywords of your choice which match your registration and guarantees your registration to be in the top 3 and marked as a recommended plate.
This service is £10+VAT  for 3 Keywords & £15 +vat for 5 Keywords with NO monthly subscription and no hidden costs. A One off payment.
For example Below is a search for a 558 GEM registration and the three keywords we have chose are Gemma, Gem and Gems.
To sell your plate with us click HERE to start the process.
Here is an example below of what happens when your registration has the keywords people are searching for.
Here is where this registration would be if it had no keywords added, 8th in the list on the 2nd page.
We have been using this on our stock numbers only for the past year to trial the service before we offer it out and we have seen an uplift in sales and so we are now ready to branch this out to our customers.
If you would like our buyers to see your registration at the top of the search then please call 01952 588888 and ask  to register for our enhanced listing service

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.