DVLA Cherished Plates

DVLA Cherished Plates


Although we have over 56 million DVLA number plates for sale on our website, not all of them can achieve the same effect as a single DVLA cherished plate. This kind of registration is a type that has been wanted for years by motoring enthusiasts all over the world as they look much more distinctive than others’ giving a strong message to everyone who sees them on your vehicle.

These DVLA cherished numbers are dateless registration marks that were issued before 1963 – a long time for many people to wait before getting their hands on them! This strong following often means that you should expect to pay a bit more for your own DVLA cherished number plates, but our staff are constantly browsing our online database to ensure that our prices are some of the best around.

We call this our price match promise as we guarantee that we can match any other quote for the same DVLA cherished number plates that might find elsewhere.

DVLA Cherished Transfer

Our staff are experts in everything to do with number plates and have years of experience working with DVLA cherished plates. Thanks to this, they know the system of completing a DVLA cherished transfer like the back of their hand and can help with any problems you may run into!

The entire DVLA cherished transfer process can be completed within 14 days when you let us handle it, taking the stress, confusing paperwork and waiting completely out of the process for you. This is just a part of the excellent service that we pride ourselves – making the process of purchasing one of our DVLA cherished numbers as easy as possible!