Cherished Number Plates

Cherished Number Plates


Cherished number plates are registration marks that have been around for years, proving popular for car fanatics of all ages. These kinds of reg plates tend to be higher in price due to how desirable they are, but with our price match promise we can guarantee that you’ll get the best price for a cherished number plate when you buy from Platehunter!

What Are Cherished Number Plates?

A cherished number plate is a term used to describe dateless number plates before 1963 (or plates that don’t have a year identifier). These kinds of number plates are more distinctive than traditional plates and can be used to show hobbies, interests, initials and special dates; helping you create a stronger and more prominent effect from your car’s newest accessory.

More Desirability

These kinds of cherished numbers have gained a strong following over the past 70 years, proving popular with people within the motor trade both personally and professionally. This means that cherished number plates tend to be more expensive than traditional plates.

DVLA cherished plates are seen to car fanatics in a similar way to an antique is to a collector. They are classic timepieces for any automotive lover and it truly is amazing to get your hands on one!

Here at Platehunter we have a huge range of cherished number plates; all of which are covered with our price match guarantee. Get in touch with one of our number plate experts today and you’ll be driving off with your personalised cherished plates in no time at all!