Buy New Registration Plates

Buy New Registration Plates


We know that buying registration plates isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are many factors to consider when buying new registration plates, often confusing the process and making it more stressful than it should be!

Our simple way to buy reg plates makes displaying your prized possession as easy as possible. Whether you’re buying a new plate as a gift for somebody else or simply a treat for yourself, you can never go wrong when you buy registration plates with Platehunter.

We have a team that is dedicated to helping you find the ideal private plate for you. Once you’ve found your ideal reg plate, we can help buy registration plates for some of the best prices around thanks to our price match promise.

Buy reg plates at competitive prices

Thanks to our exclusive contact list that includes big names in the number plate and automotive industry, we are able to help you buy reg plates with us at very competitive prices. This can help you save money when completing the purchase of your latest car accessory, enabling you drive away with your new private plates on show in no time at all!

No hidden fees

Unlike many other number plate dealers, there aren’t any hidden extras that will be sprung upon you when you buy registration plates with us. DVLA charges, VAT fees, deposits and even the postage of your number plate is simply broken down on our site when you choose your ideal plate.

View our huge database of private number plates today and once you’ve found the perfect one, we can help make the purchase as simple as possible.