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They Love Private Plates North of the border08-Sep-2011

Scottish motorists love private registration plates



As a national average, around 4% of car drivers in the UK have a private registration plate. But north of the border, in the affluent area of Kilmacolm in Inverclyde, it’s as high as 14% !

This was the finding from another one of those little surveys, this time by insurance company

In all, 8 out of the top 10 areas were in Scotland.

Of course, what the survey can’t tell us is why. Do the Scots like to express their personality with a private registration number plate more than the rest of the UK? Or is it that they are (on average) simply more affluent?

The survey found that (unsurprisingly) the majority of private registration plates are on luxury cars, such as the Bentley, Aston Martin DB7, or on Ferraris. As many as one third of these vehicles have a personalised registration. And I’m sure that there will be no eyebrows raised when I tell you that Company Directors and high-flying Bank Directors are amongst the most likely to own one.

But we know that they’re just as popular with drivers of much less expensive cars. We’ve heard so many customers get really excited about them… even when they’re going onto a little Ford Ka.

On the whole, I don’t suppose there are too many surprises there.

Private registration plates have never been more popular, whatever the size of the budget.