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The Cheapest Dateless Number Plates in the UK!15-Jan-2016

Dateless number plates (or ‘cover plates’) have been around for years and are one of the most popular ways for car owners to personalise their vehicles.

Here at Platehunter, we are officially the cheapest provider of dateless number plates in the UK! Our huge selection of cheap private plates allows you to make the great decision of adding a DVLA number plate on your vehicle without costing an eye-watering sum.

Before buying your personalised reg plate, we want to give you all of the information that you could possibly need. Here’s our quick run-down of what dateless number plates actually are and why they’re a great choice for personalising your car!

What are personalised, dateless number plates?

Cheap dateless number plates are designed to mask the age of a vehicle as they don’t have a year identifier.

These kinds of personalised registration plates first came into practice when the first number plate was issued. The plate ‘A1’ was the first plate to be given out in the UK and has no reference to the time in which the car was made.

It wasn’t until 1963 that the current number plate style was introduced and the suffix-style was used on all vehicles automatically. Cars and other vehicles come with these standard plates with a reference to the time in which the car was made, but it is perfectly fine to add a dateless number plate onto your car or motorbike.


Are these dateless plates legal?

Yes! Adding a dateless number plate onto your vehicle is completely legal and approved by the DVLA.

When it comes to private DVLA plates, the only thing that is not allowed is adding a dated number plate on a car that is older than the plate suggests.

For example, a car produced in 2001 could not have any places referencing the year 2002 or above, but a dateless number plate on this car would be perfectly legal.


Personalised cover plates

Dateless number plates like this often contain the letters ‘I’ or ‘Z’ but you are able to mix and match a combination of letters and numbers to get a plate that you’re looking for.

Combinations of letters can spell out initials or short nicknames and numbers can signify a special date or number. Plates of this type usually use the ‘ABC 123’ style.

Words like ‘GAZ’, ‘NAZ’, ‘BIG’, ‘DEZ’ and ‘JIL’ are just a handful of the cheap dateless number plates that we can provide and followed with a unique combination of numbers, you can find your perfect private number plate for your vehicle.



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Reversed dateless reg plates

Cover plates don’t have to be in the order of letters followed by numbers; they can be reversed too!

Reversed dateless number plates are also available in the style of letters followed by numbers that would look something similar to 123 ABC.


With prices of our cheap dateless number plates starting from as little as £25, we are positive that you will find your perfect personalised DVLA number plate here at Platehunter. With a price match promise that is guaranteed to get you the best possible price, you can now get cheap number plates that can easily hide the age of your vehicle!

Call us today on 01952 588 888 today to find out more. You’ll be driving away with your personalised DVLA plate in no time!