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Private Plate Sells for £233k21-May-2015

The number plate ‘KR15 HNA’ is now the most expensive modern plate sold by the DVLA, with the winning bid coming in at £233,000 from a London-based businesswoman. This easily broke the previous record of £100,000 for ‘MR51 NGH’, back in 2006.

The plate was auctioned off in a packed room at the Casa Hotel in Chesterfield, while many people were bidding online. The very similar registration ‘KR15 HAN’ was also sold on the night, but it was not enough to steal the spotlight as it went for £98,500 (including fees).

Matthew Dainton, of DVLA Personalised Registrations, said: “We had high hopes for KR15 HAN and KR15 HNA after a lot of interest being registered beforehand, both of these current style registrations contributed to an enthralling atmosphere in the auction hall, and it’s fantastic to see the prices they have achieved.”

Although there was a lot of interest in these Indian heritage number plates, they did not even come close to the DVLA record ‘25 O’, which sold for £518,000 at the DVLA Personalised Registrations’ 25th Anniversary Auction last November.

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