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Popularity of Number Plates12-Jun-2014

Private – or personalised – number plates are all the rage. People use them to stand out from the crowd, to promote themselves or their business, or to give as presents to that person who seemingly already has everything. In the UK, with the costs of private number plates dropping (you can now get basic private plates for under £100), they’re becoming more popular than ever before. In fact, rarely can you go out for a drive (or a walk) these days without coming across several personalised number plates – some more readable than others! So it’s safe to say that in the UK, private registrations are popular, and probably will be for quite some time to come.

Why Do People Pay These Amounts For Plates?

Clearly, motorists aren’t shelling out this much cash for just a bit of plastic that will fit on their cars; personalised number plates are about the meaning behind them – the status, if you will. Just like a shiny Rolex watch will tell people how successful you are, personalised plates (especially rare and unique ones) will tell people that you’re successful, you’re witty (if you have a particularly funny or clever combination of letters and numbers), and that you care about your appearance and that of your car. Unlike a Rolex watch, number plates can actually be used to promote a certain business or career, working well as mobile advertisements. People also buy personalised plates as investment pieces, with the intention of selling them on again in the future.