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Paper driving licenses abolished in the UK: what does it mean for you?12-May-2015

There are 46 million of us on British roads, a fair few of whom have always used their paper driving licenses. For those people, things are about to change; if that's you then you should find everything you need to know in this post. 

What's actually happening?

From June 8th, 2015, the DVLA have stated that they will no longer be giving out the green paper counterpart license that new drivers have come to expect for decades. As a result of this, all paper documents will no longer be valid at all. Things like penalties will obviously no longer be recorded on your licenses, and will only be available to view online. 

What do I need to do?

If you already have a photo ID driving license, there shouldn't be any urgent action required on your part. The DVLA are recommending that all motorists destroy their paper driving licenses as they no longer hold any validity, however, the AA are recommending that you keep hold of them for the time being in case you need to produce them abroad. We're with the AA on this one; better to be safe than sorry!

However, if you don't already have a photo ID driving license, it's a good time to make sure you can get that sorted. You can find all the details on how to do that through the website or by calling the DVLA if you'd prefer to speak to somebody on the phone.

Why is this change happening?

Now you know what you might need to do yourself, it's worth understanding why this change is being put into action. It's a direct result of something called the Red Tape Challenge, which is part of the DVLA's strong commitment to simplifying and bringing down the cost of its services. In fact, the changes are expected to save a total of £8 million according to Auto Express. 

It's built around the idea of moving out of the old ways of doing things and embracing the new paperless age of data. 

Whether you're for it or opposed to it, we hope this blog post gave you everything you'll need to be ready for the changes in June. Remember, if you're looking for private number plates, we sell personal registration plates right here!