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New Online System For Private Number Plates07-Dec-2014

The DVLA have confirmed recently  that there is to be a new online system for the transferring and registering of private number plates is to be introduced.

Early 2015

After extensive lobbying from Private Number Plate Companies and Car Dealers ,DVLA says that the new system will be available in the new year of 2015

According to the DVLA reports, the new web site will make the process of transferring and retaining a registration quick and simple. Currently the process takes 21 days, this new process will cut transfers times dramatically and make life simple for anyone who wants to change their number plate.

Waiting times cut out

According to reports, the first stage will involve a process to remove the plate number from the existing vehicle and replace it with a used number plate that matches up with the car’s age.

Once that’s done, the system will give car owners a retention number, which they can then use to register their new vehicle with their private plate.

Reports state that the process can take place within the same day, drastically cutting down the drawn-out waiting times associated with the traditional transfer paperwork.

Cheaper fees for all

Due to the reduction in time, resources and manpower involved, the price of transferring a personalised plate will apparently drop to £80 from the current £105 fee.

The DVLA has stated that another system for used cars will be introduced approximately a month after the first, giving drivers the option to transfer plates and also tax their cars at the same time.

It also enforces a stringent set of rules and regulations for sales and aftersales that all dealers must adhere to, meaning that you know you’re getting the best service from Platehunter.

Although no solid date has been given yet, the DVLA has stated that the new online system will be up and running early next year, in time for the registration plate change in March.