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New DVLA System to Retain a Number Plate11-Feb-2016

With so many confusing certificates, forms and addresses to send your details to, the process of changing and keeping your number plate can seem like a huge task.

However, we have great news! Not everything needs to be complicated anymore whilst you’re retaining a number plate thanks to the DVLA and their new systems.

The DVLA have recently changed the way in which you go about retaining, buying and adding nominees to a number plate; which means your retention process to legally keep your private plates are easier than ever.

Here’s a brief rundown of the new rules and the new system:

Change in price

This new system has also introduced a different fee for retaining a number plate.

The previous fee was £105 to retain a number plate for one year, £130 for two years and finally £155 for three years. This included a £25 fee for renewing the retention of a vehicle registration number on an annual basis.

Not only has the fee moved down from £105 to £80 (and essentially removing the fee to renew), but it also extends the renewal period up to 10 years. This means less fuss and an overall much easier process!


Free to add a nominee

As well as lowering the price, the cost has disappeared to £0 for changing the details of a nominee.

Adding a nominee means that you can purchase a number plate and legally allow another person to use it on their vehicle; making personalised number plates a great (and totally unique!) gift idea for someone special in your life.

This new system enables you to add or change nominee details completely free of charge, wiping away the previous £25 fee for changing details.

Retain a number plate online

Instead of sending off what seems like thousands of details, forms and certificates to many different motor companies, you can now fill in your form for retaining a number plate online!

The DVLA have also introduced real-time systems, meaning you don’t need to wait for confirmation to know that your retention has been successful. This allows keepers and people working within the motor trade to apply quickly and easily online.

Any registration number on retention (V778 certificate) or bought from DVLA themselves (V750 certificate) can use the online service, making the process a whole lot easier for everyone!


If you’re looking to retain your number plate (or even buy new private plates!), the team at Platehunter are always here to help.

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