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How to link your love of football to your love of cars07-Apr-2014

Do you love football? Like, really love it? Would ‘obsessed’ be a more accurate word for what you feel about the great game? Do you also love your car? Well, if you do, it’s now easier than ever before to link those two loves. No, we’re not talking about bumper stickers or furry dice or any of that; we’re talking about car number plates. While some just see car registrations as necessary but boring, many people are starting to think about their car number plates in different ways – as an investment, as a way of promoting their business, or as a way of expressing their love for something. Football, for example.

Manchester United Number Plate

One football (and motoring) fan, Matt Supyk of Tytherington, loved Manchester United so much that he invested in the ‘X20 UTD’ number plate, something which could be extremely in-demand since the football club won their 20th league title. Wanting to capitalise on his beloved team’s success, Matt is hoping that the number plate could be sold for upwards of £3,000. After buying the plate in June 2011 as a joint investment with a friend, he was hoping that the plate would pay for itself last year – but his dreams were crushed by Sergio Ageuro of Manchester City, who scored a last minute goal which stopped the Reds from achieving their 20th win. This year, however, more than made up for it, and when Manchester United secured the match, Matt was more than happy – for more than just one reason.

Number plates make great investments, but just make sure that you will actually be able to part with the registration when the time comes; Matt had doubts about selling his football-related plate on, thinking that perhaps he should just put it on his own car, but as demand is likely to be high after United’s recent win, he’s hoping he and his friend can make a profit, especially as the registration falls into the category of a ‘cherished number plate’ – as it will no doubt hold a lot of sentimental value for its new owner.

Buying Personalised Plates Online

If you’d like to try and get a number plate that expresses your hobby, your work, or just your personality, there are endless options out there – to suit all budgets. There are several ways of searching for private number plates (in newspapers, magazines, at DVLA auctions, etc), but the quickest and easiest way is to log online and browse one of the many specialist number plate websites. Plate Hunter, for example, carries a wide range of cheap personalised plates, cherished number plates, and DVLA plates, as well as offering advice and support on how to buy, sell, and transfer your registration. Put your hobby, your love, your obsession – whatever you call it – into your number plate today.