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How do you go about choosing a personalised plate dealer?07-Apr-2014

So you’ve decided that you want to buy a personalised number plate. You want to stand out from the crowd, you want to promote yourself or your business, or you want to buy a private registration as a present for a loved one. Whatever reasons you have for wanting to buy a personalised plate, the next step is to decide where you will buy it from. With so many options, this can be a massive decision in itself: there are websites, magazines and newspapers, DVLA auctions, and local dealers. So which one do you choose?

Advantages of private number plate dealers

Some people choose to go down the route of approaching a specialist dealer. There are many advantages of doing this, some of which are:

  • Customer service: when compared to an official auction run by the DVLA – or picking a plate out of a national newspaper – a specialist dealer will be able to talk to you on an individual basis, treating you like a person and not just like a potential bidder.
  • Tailored service: Many dealers are small operations (or even sole traders) and so they will be able to give you a personal service tailored to you. You will get the same employee every time, something that doesn’t usually happen with big companies.
  • You can talk to them in person: instead of simply flicking through a magazine to find your perfect plate, you can actually talk to a dealer either over the phone or in person. A lot of buyers find this a great advantage, as talking to a ‘human’ when trying to buy a product seems to be less and less common these days.
  • Getting your perfect plate: a private dealer – with all their knowledge and contacts – will be able to ‘track down’ your preferred plate on your behalf, cutting out the stress and hassle for you.
  • Knowledge: an experienced dealer will have years and years of knowledge to draw on, being able to answer any questions you may have with regards to buying, selling, or transferring your private registration.
  • Flexibility: some private dealers who really excel in giving each of their customers special attention will do whatever they can to help you in your purchase. This can sometimes include going with you to get the plates or accompanying you to your local DVLA office to sort out all the legal stuff.

What if you don’t want to go to a dealer?

To some people, the idea of going to a local plate dealer doesn’t appeal. This can be because they think that other channels may be more trustworthy or official – such as an auction that is actually run directly by the DVLA. If you don’t want to go down the local dealer route, there are plenty of other options available to you.

If you’re not sure how to go about buying a private number plate, the web can help you in the first instance. Whether you’re just browsing or looking to buy straight away, a specialist website like Plate Hunter will be able to give you all the advice you need. They have a wide range of personalised number plates, cherished number plates, and DVLA number plates for you to buy, and just having a look at their website may give you inspiration for choosing your own plate.