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Do Private Number Plates Go Up in Value?20-Nov-2015

We’ve already realised that private registration plates are now seen as an accessory for your car, but one of the questions that get asked the most is – do number plates actually go up in value? And if so, by how much?

Kids are now investing in private plates instead of ploughing their money into ISA’s, saving accounts or stocks because of the potential of huge returns in a few years’ time. However, the sales of number plates fluctuate - a bit like stocks and shares. This means that it’s pretty difficult to calculate an accurate price of how much your private plate will be worth in a few years’ time. 




However if the right plate is caught at the right time, you have the potential to make millions from a tiny investment!

Why invest in a number plate?

There are many reasons to invest in a private plate – with the most popular being the chance of huge cash returns. 

Take the number plate VIP 1 for example. It was originally bought by Pope John Paul II for his Popemobile, and first shown when on a trip to Ireland in 1979. The plate was originally bought for £62,000. A few years ago, Roman Abramovich (the owner of Chelsea football club) bought the personalised plate for a massive £285,000 – a massive £22,300 increase for one single plate!

Some other notable price increases include the F 1 plate. It was bought for a pretty hefty price tag of £440,000 by car tycoon Afzal Khan. The plate is now said to be worth in excess of £10 million – proving to be an amazing investment with the amount invested being almost doubled in in just 6 short years!

How can I invest in a registration plate?

Investing in a plate can seem like a lucky dip, but we have a few tips for trying to bag yourself a plate that will exceed the price you bought it for in a few years’ time.

The most important way to secure the biggest financial gain on your private plate is to choose one that is popular. You’ll need a sum of cash to buy the plate to begin with, but can have potential eye-watering figures when you come to sell it.

Dateless number plates with a few digits (e.g. VIP 1) are the most popular due to how eye-catching they are. Plates with popular name and numbers (e.g. J4 MES) also have the potential to make a great investment because they’ll always be relevant. Plates with popular words (e.g. MAG1C) will also never go out of fashion because they’re so universal.



Despite the potential for huge rewards if you invest in the right plate, many people don’t just purchase a number plate purely for the money. Driving around in a car with a registration plate that is personalised just for you is popular among many celebrities, and you can now have that same feeling with our cheap personalized number plates.