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British 'Abu Dhabi' number plate could sell for £400,00016-Feb-2012

The car licence plate, AB11 DHB, was bought for just £400 from the UK's DVLA, but is expected to raise up to 1000 times that much when bidding ends later this month.

M.I.Khan, the CEO of Dubai-based company MIK Legal Consulting, which is organising the sale, said that there were seven bidders, two of whom were “very prominent businessmen”, and that bidding was now into six figures.

“How much it could reach is beyond me – if the bidders push, the sky is the limit,” he told Telegraph Expat. “We hope to achieve around £350,000-400,000, which would be a UK record, and by Abu Dhabi standards it is a cheap buy.”

Expensive cars and accessories are a status symbol among wealthy emiratis, with 37 of the world's 50 most expensive number plates believed to have been bought by buyers from Abu Dhabi alone.

Mr Khan said that the interest in the British plate could be partially attributed to the fact that many UAE nationals spend "months of the year in the UK, due to the summer heat in the UAE”, often shipping their families and supercars over with them.