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Around the track in the McLaren 675LT28-Jul-2015

If you know McLaren, you’ll know the conversations surrounding new models. Many claim that McLaren sell the same car over and over again, but with the 675LT, it doesn’t seem to be just a slightly more tuned 650S, despite its lack of tail. To look further into the stats and spec, the extra 25BHP hold over the 650S, the tripling in aerodynamic downforce and lowered suspension are only a certain handful of the long, long list.

Instead of recalibrating the software from the 650S, McLaren have really gone all-out to get the very most out of the 666horsepower, with the rest of the modifications helping keep the weight 200lbs lower than its sister, the standard 650S. As well as this, the wheels are reportedly lighter than those of the P1, with slightly more aggressive Pirelli’s. Having said that, the differences can be seen on the circuit, with the additional power adding that little bit of Turbo lag, but more important than that, it’s just the way that the 675LT bites right into slow corners and in the manner in which a boy racer would throw his Clio around Morrison’s Carpark, but with an infinite amount more grace, control and power.

As great as the car is, McLaren is only reported to be making 500 675LT’s, which would put it on par with the rarity of the LaFerrari. That’s not to say, however, that McLaren haven’t acknowledged that the demand for the 675LT has exceeded the demand expectations. There really is no question that McLaren will add to the 500 units, only releasing statements confirming that they are ‘aware of the pent-up demand, and is not in the business of letting down customers, prospective, current or otherwise’, although nothing firm has been decided. It’s entirely possible that McLaren would benefit from other modifications, such as a convertible spider? What is true, is that McLaren are offering the bargain of a lifetime; offering 9/10 of the performance for less than 1/3 of the money.