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A licence plate with nothing but the number 1 on it has been sold for a record £7m. 16-Mar-2011

A license plate with a small number but one very big price.
The licence plate was auctioned for charity in the United Arab Emirates, beating the previous record of 3.5m for a plate with just the number 5 in it. The winning bidder said he bought the number plate because he wanted to be " the best in the world".
Saeed Khouri, part of a wealthy Adu Dhabi family, added " I wanted this number plate because it's the best number to have". However the wealthy business man didn't say which one of his many cars would carry the prize number "1" plate.
The Oil rich United Arab Emirates began auctioning off these exclusive licence plates last may. The income from these auctions goes to a centre dedicated to the rehabilitation of victims from road traffic accidents. Many licence plates have been auctioned off, on one specific day they made 12m. In total these auctions have raised more than 25m.