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10 hilarious personalised number plates from the movies24-Mar-2015

Film-makers love to include quirky details in their movies for eagle-eyed fans to spot, and personal number plates are a popular example. Here’s our guide to some of the funniest private reg plates you may or may not have noticed on the big screen…

1. Ghostbusters

The car featured in the cult classic movie Ghostbusters is called the Ectomobile, and it has its own personalised number plate, ECTO 1.

2. Back to the Future

The famous De Lorean car from the 80s film Back to the Future has a very fitting number plate. It says OUTATIME, because the car is used to time travel.

3. 101 Dalmations

In case you didn’t catch on that Cruella de Vil’s name was a play on the word devil, it was spelled out for you (literally) on her licence plate, which read DEV IL.

4. Jeepers Creepers

In this horror film, the truck driver villain’s plate reads BEATNGU. It is first read as “beating you” before the victims realise it really means “be eating you.”

5. Kill Bill

The humour in Kill Bill is not for the easily offended, and that includes the licence plates! The car known as the Pussy Wagon has the number plate, PSY WGN.

6. Austin Powers

Another example of cheeky humour on a licence plate comes from Austin Powers. Austin is anything but subtle, so it’s appropriate that his plate reads SWINGER.

7. Follow That Bird

In the Sesame Street spin-off movie Follow that Bird, the Count’s car registration number is the very fitting 12345678910. 

8. Monsters vs. Aliens

Another children’s movie that features a personalised number plate is Monsters vs. Aliens. The yellow car, which Susan uses as a roller skate, has a vanity plate reading XQU53M3, which is meant to be read “excuse me.”

9. Kick Ass 2

In the second Kick Ass movie, Hit Girl rides a motorbike that has been personalised with the licence plate HITNRUN. 

10. Oliver and Company

If you were a kid in the ‘80s, you must have seen the cartoon movie Oliver and Company. It’s about cats and dogs, and the villain Sykes, who owns a pair of Dobermans, has DOBRMAN as his licence plate.