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     »  What happens to my present registration number?
     »  Why are some of the prices subject to VAT?
     »  My car windows are etched. Does this affect the chance of being re-issued with the number presently showing on my vehicle, when I transfer my Private
     »  What happens to my payment if I change my mind before the transfer has been completed and I no longer want the registration I have agreed to purchase
     »  Can I pay using methods other than credit/debit card?
     »  I paid a part payment by credit card and now I wish to pay the rest by credit card also. Is this okay?
     »  What does DVLA & DOT stand for?
     »  How can I find out about the status of my transfer?
     »  Who provides the acrylic plates?
     »  How long does a transfer take?
     »  What happens if I need to tax or MOT my vehicle while the transfer is being processed?
     »  Is it possible to transfer a mark to a vehicle with a "Q" mark?
     »  Do I have to keep the registration on my vehicle for a certain time before I can transfer it again?
     »  If the recipient already has a mark can I transfer both at the same time?
     »  What if my vehicle has been scrapped?
     »  Are there any restrictions on my choice of number plate?
     »  What happens if I'm buying a personalised registration as a gift or on behalf of someone else?
     »  What happens once I have a bought a personalised number from PlateHunter?
     »  Do I have to put the registration straight onto a vehicle?
     »  How do I add or change the nominee details on my certificate of Entitlement (V750)?
     »  How do I change my address on my Certificate of Entitlement (V750)?
     »  How do I extend my entitlement period?
     »  If I decide to give up the right to the registration mark can i apply for a refund of the £80 assignment fee?
     »  I have seen my own registration number being offered for sale and do not recall giving authority, why is it listed?
     »  How do I get a specific number released if it has never been issued?
     »  How can I safeguard my entitlement to a number?
     »  If you no longer have the vehicle which properly displays the number (ie it is in someone else's keepership or has been scrapped, broken up, destroyed
     »  Are there any special rules for motorcycles / mopeds?
     »  What happens to my registration number if I export my vehicle?
     »  What are the basic regulations surrounding transfers?
     »  Do you own all the registrations you are selling?
     »  I've received my tax disc and MOT but not my V5 (logbook), where is it?
     »  I've allowed my certificate of entitlement to expire, what do I do now?
     »  I've been told that the donor vehicle has been called in for an inspection. What does this mean?
     »  I've had plates made up, but have been informed that the transfer will not be going ahead. Will you compensate me?
     »  I cannot find the registration I want on your website. Can you find out who owns it?
     »  I know I can't put a registration on a car that's newer than the vehicle. What about Irish marks?
     »  I've bought a registration from you, but it is still appearing on your website, what does this mean?
     »  I've sold a registration elsewhere that I advertised on your site, but it is still appearing as available. What do I do?
     »  I am looking to sell my registration but don't know what it is worth, can you help?
     »  You have sent me a quote for a plate, but I don't agree with your valuation, what do I do?
     »  Can't Find Your Perfect Plate?
     »  What if my vehicle is stolen and not recovered?
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