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New 14 Series







We are now taking enquiries for the NEW 14 registration plates. Simply call our helpful sales team on 01296 341111 to register your interest. Alternatively click on the following link, which will take you to a form to register your interest;


==> CLICK HERE to register your interest


Platehunter team will then work towards securing your registration plate as soon as they are released by the DVLA. Due to the nature of the way the plates are released online, competition for popular plates is extremely competitive and despite what other dealers tell you is not 100% guaranteed. Platehunter provides a service to ensure the successful aquisition of your desired cherished plate. We have a large team who will be dedicated to ensuring the aquisition of your plate(s). Platehunter has considerable experience of doing this on numerous release dates, with a long list of satisfied customers.
Balances are taken once the plates are secured. In the unlikely event your plate is not aquired by Platehunter you will receive a full refund, as per our terms of business. So you can purchase with the knowledge you are fully covered. The best thing to do is to enquire on a range of plates, this will increase the likelihood that you will be successful in at least one of the plates you have reigistered your interest on.
Search our full range online NOW. Plates can be searched simply by going to the new reg search section, select 14 and hit Hunt for plates!!! All the plates will be displayed, then simply hit enquire.......we will then do the rest for you!
Are you getting a brand new car this March and looking for your perfect plate to put on it. Or simply looking to put one on retention as a gift or till you want to assign it to a car. Well Platehunter is the place to go, simply register your interest below and we will contact you in due course.


==> CLICK HERE to register your interest


A few examples of some new 14 plates:


BR14 NNN - BRIAN                           AV14 TOR - AVIATOR

RH14 NNA - RIHANNA                      MC14 REN - McLARREN

XD14 NNA - DIANNA                         MR14 MBO - RAMBO

DE14 NEY - DEANEY                        MR14 RRY - MARRY

AD14 MSX - ADAM S                        TR14 CYX - TRACEY

CH14 OEH - CHLOE H                      XS14 LLY - SALLY

XS14 RAH - SARAH                          RO14 NDS - ROLANDS

When will the plates be online?
Plates will be loaded onto the site as soon as they are released from DVLA. Available to view from 4th November 2013 and released for sale in December.To ensure that you get the reg of your choice, it's advised that you register your interest with us ASAP. This will ensure that your cherished reg is aquired for you when they are released by DVLA. If you have a specific plate you want us to get for you, simply register your interest by clicking on the link above.