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Private Number Plates to Buy Online

Private number plates can express an individual’s uniqueness and Platehunter has over 56 million registrations to choose from. Personalising your vehicle doesn’t always have to cost a considerable sum, and our experienced team are always on hand to help our customers’ find a plate that suits their needs and their budget. We have three clever plate builders on our homepage to help our clients find a suitable combination. You may want to conduct a search using your first name, your initials, your date of birth, your nickname or your much-loved sports team, and each search will present a list of relevant results.

The reg ‘LOU 8’ could be well suited to a person named Louis or Louise, whose favourite number is 8, while ‘COM 3T’ would be the ideal option for an astronomer. If you only have one registration in mind and it’s not available in our database then it+ doesn’t have to be the end of the hunt. The team at Platehunter regularly conduct external searches using our specialist contacts to track down specific private number plates and supply them to our customers at the lowest possible prices. Whether a plate on our website costs £50 or £5,000, our knowledgeable team always take care of the paperwork on our customer’s behalf, while the typical transfer process usually takes between 10 days and 2 weeks. 

Private Number Plates – Find Yours Today

In some cases, customers find themselves with too many unique registrations to choose between, but that’s made much easier when you develop your own ‘wishlist’. Any reg on our site can be added to your individual list, where you’re able to compare your favourite private number plates and make a decision. Platehunter want to make sure our customers are 100 percent happy with their combination; you only have to give us a call if you require any help and guidance along the way. There is one main rule that you should always consider when you’re purchasing a DVLA reg; you’re not permitted to add a plate onto your vehicle to make it appear newer than it actually is. As an example, it’s illegal to place a ‘12 plate’ onto a vehicle registered in 2010, yet you can add a dateless reg.

Private Registrations - Plenty of Options

Placing an order on Platehunter couldn’t be easier, and even at checkout you get optional extras to choose between to make your reg even more distinctive. You can decide between a black, blue or red border, while there is also the option of a flag and 3D lettering. If you’re looking to purchase private number plates with a hassle-free transfer process and a dedicated team, then get in touch with Platehunter today.

We’re available 7 days a week, and you can contact a member of staff via email, or by calling us on 01952 588888.  

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