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One of the best ways to make your car look timeless, have something completely unique and which doesn’t have to cost a fortune is to buy a cheap number plates for your vehicle. At Plate Hunter we are confident that we can offer and secure some of the cheapest number plates available.
Here are 3 cheap ways to hide the age of your car through the simple process of getting cheap number plates made:
DVLA Plates
DVLA plates have some of the best value cheap number plates that can make up names, initials, meanings, sayings etc - DVLA number plates which start from as little as a few hundred pounds and can be something really special for your car and offer an easy way to have cheap number plates made to showcase your initials or other personalised number plate message.
Irish Plates
Irish number plates have seen a dramatic increase in popularity over recent years, as they provide a good alternative to the number plate that is currently issued by the DVLA in England, Scotland and Wales. They also provide a great way for the driver to hide the age of the car they are driving, as they do not display the date of registration.
Irish number plates can be classed as Dateless Plates and have a different format and sequence to the numbers plates issued by the DVLA in England, Scotland and Wales, as the Irish number plate has 3 numbers followed by 4 letters. Irish number plates are issued by the DVLNI (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Northern Ireland), which is the equivalant to the DVLA and is based in Northern Ireland.
Unlike the registration plates that are issued by the DVLA in England, Scotland and Wales, the Irish number plate uses the letter ‘I’. As you can imagine, this provides much more scope for playing with letters to create words such as WIG, ‘BIG’ or any other word that has the letter ‘I’ in it. This very fact, has made Irish number plates desirable for many drivers in the UK who wish to express themselves through their vehicle registration plate.
The Irish number plate also provides drivers wishing to have a recognisable registration plate on their car, a cheaper option than the ones in other parts of the UK. As private number plates have become more popular in the UK over the years, the demand for them has resulted in an increased price and this demand has also made the more popular plates become less rare.

How Much Are Irish Number Plates?
Here, exclusively at we offer Cheap Private Plates starting from £50! Irish Plates are a fantastic way to hide the age of your vehicle also you can find great 'name' plates The average starting price for a plate with a ‘name’ such as BAZ or DAZ is normally around £400 but some of the more popular ones can increase dramatically due to demand, especially plates with only one number. The highest price paid was over £250,000 for VIP 1 and this was bought by Roman Abramovich.
As you can see, Irish number plates are a great Cheap Dateless Plate and there are some really good sequences available.

New Style DVLA Number Plates, Cheap Dateless Plates & Irish Car Registrations

Dateless Number Plates

If you have been looking to buy a personal number plate, there is no doubt that you will have come across the term ‘dateless number plates’. There are a great deal of websites online that have Dateless number plates for sale. So, with this term so commonly used, what exactly does it mean?
In the UK, the current registration plates that are issued from the DVLA, have a sequence of numbers and letters. Each number plate is unique to the vehicle it is registered to and will indicate the year the car was manufactured and registered. This is great for people whom are looking to buy a car, as the registration plate allows them to determine the actual age of the car and allows the buyer to seek car valuation by number plate.
However, it may not be so good for people who own the car and do not wish people to know the exact age of the car. Having a ‘Dateless number plate’ displayed on your vehicle, allows the car the owner to hide the actual age and year of make of the car. Displaying a ‘dateless number plate’ has a sequence of letters and numbers that have no reference to any date of registration.
A ‘dateless number plate’ can be transferred to any age of car but a number plate cannot be transferred in an attempt to make the car look newer than it actually is.
Cheap Dateless Number Plates
Obviously, the more desirable the number plate is the higher price people will pay for it. There are some very cheap dateless number plates for sale and these are ones where the sequence of the letters and numbers on the plate may have little meaning and are therefore less desirable.
A number plate such as: CEZ 898 is currently for sale for £450, whereas the number plate BIG 911 is currently for sale for £14849 and SPY 500 is selling for £20,599
Please Note that the above prices were all correct at the time of writing but may now have changed or have been sold.

In short, the term ‘Dateless Number Plates’, simply means a plate that does not indicate the age (date) of the vehicle.


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