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DVLA Personalised Number Plates

With access to over 56 million DVLA number plates, Platehunter can help you find the best personal number plates at the lowest prices. 

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Why Buy DVLA Number Plates?

Lots of people like the idea of personalising their car and one of the best ways to do this is to get a private number plate. However, some car owners might feel that a 'typical' private plate is going to be too expensive or maybe even too flash for them. This is why DVLA number plates are the perfect solution. DVLA personalised number plates use the DVLA's standard registration format (either the pre-2001 style or the modern post-2001 style), but offer vehicle owners the chance to choose initials and numbers that will give the plate a special significance to them, without being overly obvious to other drivers. 

Choosing Your DVLA Number Plate

Whatever your initials, we have thousands of DVLA personalised number plates for sale, and our search tool makes finding the perfect personal number plate quick and easy. If you know what format you want, simply enter the numbers and initials your looking for into either the Classic Number Plates or Current Style Plates search tools. Or just type what you want into the Super Search box and within seconds you'll have all number plates that match what you're looking for. 

The Cheapest Private Number Plates

As well as making it quick and simple for you to find your perfect private number plate from our database of over 30 million number plates DVLA registrations, we'll also make sure that getting your private number plate on to your vehicle costs less and is much easier than you might think. We can take care of everything for you, and all at a price that means Platehunter provide the cheapest private number plates available. And if you find your perfect plate cheaper anywhere else, call our sales team to see if we can beat it to provide you with some truly classic number plates.
If you're looking for a private number plate and prefer the more understated Classic or Current number plate style, buy a DVLA cherished number plate from Platehunter.  We offer some of the cheapest DVLA personalised number plates on the market, and provide a service you'll find hard to beat. Search for your perfect number plate now!
You can also find the rules and regulations associated with personalised and cherished number plates from the DVLA below. While anyone can buy number plates from the DVLA, we always advise our customers to make sure they understand the rules governing the purchase and use of DVLA private number plates. If you need any further help or advice, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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