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Private number plates have never been more sought after. There are more drivers on the road now that at any previous time in the past, and many people treat themselves to a personalised number plate. With more and more drivers looking for that certain kudos factor that  personalised registrations and private plates bring, it is understandable why so many people are now searching for a bargain Private Plate. But, if you want to buy number plate, how much is it going to set you back?

The answer of course is that the cost varies. There are several factors to take into consideration when you are going to buy a private plate. These factors include: whether or not you are going to track down and buy the private number plate entirely under your own steam, or whether you are going to go via Plate Hunter service providers, and exactly how the particular personal plate you are seeking is formatted, plus, what the perceived demand is for that particular private number plate.

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Of course when you buy private number plate, as well as making a statement about who you are and showing your personal pride and self assurance, you are also potentially making an investment. With demand undergoing a steady increase, and more new drivers joining in the hunt, the law of supply and demand comes into operation, and this simply means that as demand increases, so does the asking price too. So when you come to sell your private plate, you may be happily surprised. Technology is changing and more and more people are choosing to buy number plates online from the comfort of their home. At Plate Hunter we offer not only an easy to use website to find your number plates online but also good old fashioned traditional marketing - if you need any help please call us on 01296 341111.

The “buy private number plate" race is firmly on, so if you are going to buy a private number plate you’ve set your heart on, you’re going to have to look sharp. Most people have no idea how to set about buying a personalised number plate, and if you fall into this category, it is recommended that you find yourself a top Plate Hunter service provider.

Buy private plates online

The best way to find the best private plates is to search online using If you’re looking for a company that has a large selection of private reg plates then Plate Hunter can help. With over 30 million possible personalised reg plates available for sale, you know that Plate Hunter know their way around the industry. Because they have such an extensive network of contacts, Plate Hunter can not only track down almost any mark, they can also buy private number plate sets at very competitive prices, much less than you could yourself. Getting your own private reg plates need not be prohibitive and securing personal plates need not be complicated.

As mentioned earlier, another reason that many drivers buy number plate registrations for their cars is that is can also be a sound investment, provided they are prepared to sell it on of course. One of the services that Plate Hunter provides for clients is a “buy an existing private plate” service. In other words, if a client is looking to buy a cherished number plate that already exists, they can track it down and put an offer in to the holder. That holder, (and it could be you one day if someone else wants to own the cherished number plate that you own), can then decide whether or not to release the personal plates, (a) if the sentimental value isn’t too great, and (b) and/or the offered price is right. This is an ideal way to help you buy private number plates.

Knowing the market as well as they do, Plate Hunter invariably know the right price to offer for personalised number plates and private reg plates. This benefits their clients in two ways. Firstly it ensures that buyers are able to buy personal number plates at the best price, and secondly that sellers are able to make a profit on their investment. Everyone’s a winner withe personal plates that make a car truly stand out!

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