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Cheap DVLA Personalised Plates


Platehunter.com has over 56 million DVLA number plates available on its database. If you’re looking for a cheap private number plate for a couple of hundred pound or you’re looking to spend a lot more then we have something for everyone. Buying a DVLA plate from us couldn’t be more simply. Just type what you are looking for in the main search box. This could be your initials, your name, the football team your support or just a registration that is special to you. The search engine will then display all the relevant results from the database.

Current Style Registrations

Current style registrations consist of two letters, a two-figure age identifier, a space and then finally three letters. For example:


Prefix Registrations

Prefix registrations are those which contain the year identifier at the beginning of a registration, They consist of a letter, one to three numbers, a space and then finally three letters.


Suffix Registrations

Suffix registrations are those which contain the year identifier at the end of a registration. They consist of three letters, a space, one to three numbers, and then finally one letter.


Dateless Registration

Dateless registrations do not contain a year identifier and can consist of a number combination followed by a letter combination and vice versa. There is a space between the number and the group of letters.



Remember if you are buying a private plate to go on your car, the car must be the same age or newer than the registration you are buying. For example a 08 plate registration couldn’t go onto a 07 plate car.

So what are you waiting for, go to the home page and see what registrations are available


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