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Personalised Number Plates

Personalised Registration Plates

We’re specialists when it comes to adding a personal touch to our clients’ beloved vehicles, and it’s easy to find one that matches your personality. For many people, personalised registration plates will incorporate names, nicknames or initials, but there are many different options out there, and we can give you a little nudge in the right direction if you’re running out of ideas. The reg ‘RUN 33R’ could be well suited for a runner, while ‘K2 PUB’ could suit a pub landlord named Kevin or Kate. Our advisors are always on hand to offer advice and suggestions while we do all we can to track down your ideal reg, should it not be found in our database.

Finding your Perfect Personalised Registration Plate

Each time you make a search on our website you’ll be presented with a list of results relevant to your search, but if you had something more particular in mind you can always get in touch with our team. We’ve helped a number of clients track down specific registrations, using our industry experience and contacts to provide it to them at the lowest possible prices. If you’re looking to bide your time before making a decision then you may want to build your own ‘wishlist’ on our website. This is a tool that allows you to generate a list of your favourite personalised registration plates, meaning you can compare each of the options and eventually come to a decision that you’re 100 percent happy with.

Personalised Registrations - The Different Styles Available

There are four types of registrations available on our website; current style, prefix, suffix and dateless. A current style reg will include two letters, then a two-figure age identifier, a space and three letters such as ‘BR13 TTY’. A dateless plate doesn’t contain an age identifier; it merely consists of a number combination followed by a letter combination and vice versa. There are numerous ways in which we can use each of these styles to craft personal plates suited to you, and you only need to get in touch with our team for suggestions that are suited to you.

Modify your Vehicle with a Personal Registration Plate

A registration that’s been automatically allocated to your vehicle may be a meaningless combination of letters and numbers and Platehunter is here to give your vehicle that all important personal touch. We carry out the transfers on your behalf, and you can have your new logbook and acrylic plates delivered within 2-3 weeks. To speak to us about your requirements, contact an advisor today on 01952 588888, we can then help you hunt down that perfect plate.

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