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When buying a vehicle, it is not always necessary to retain the number plate that has been allocated to the car. Personalised number plates allow vehicle owners to purchase a different registration and transfer it to their vehicle. The various combinations of numbers and letters often bear a striking resemblance to common names and words. Because of the endless combinations that can be created, individuals are able to find cheap number plates that are specifically personalised in order to express their individuality or hold a sentimental value.



How do I buy a Personalised Number Plate?

In order to buy a personalised number plate one needs to decide on their desired plate and thereafter search the various combinations that our database provides. To find your perfect personalised plate simply type in a combination of numbers and letters for your ideal plate and within seconds we will be able to tell you whether your personalised plate is already registered. With over 30 million DVLA plates available to you, now is the perfect time to start searching!



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