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Cheap Personalised Number Plates

Personalised number plates come in many different styles and with Platehunter you get the full range; a choice of over 56 million, including current style, dateless, prefix and suffix. Creating a targeted search for a personalised plate is easy using one of our search tools and our database is regularly updated so it can be beneficial to keep checking back. If you’d rather have Platehunter inform you when your desired reg is available then you can register to our plate alert service, while our consultants are always on hand to help you find your very own distinctive registration. Our extensive range of plates mean’s we’re able to provide different registrations for every type of individual.

Personalised Plates with a First-Class Service

Some individuals will buy personalised number plates to gain a return, while others simply want a unique combination that brings style, status and a unique identity to a vehicle. Whatever your requirements our friendly sales team are always on hand to help. Unique registrations no longer have to cost a great deal of money and we have many different plates available under £50. The more distinctive number plates tend to cost more, while costs of privately sold number plates on our website vary. Our team aim to guide our customers throughout the reg transfer process and we can help you choose between different personalised number plates and then carry out the paperwork on your behalf. We’re extremely educated on the DVLA requirements and we can guarantee customers a seamless buying process.

Personalised Registrations Seven Days a Week

Not every customer will know exactly what they want, and our wishlist is designed to help you choose between a selection of your favourite personalised number plates. When you find a registration you like, simply add it to your wishlist and make a decision later. Customers who are certain on the reg they require can either enquire about a registration or click buy, while offers can be made on plates that are being sold privately. Once the paperwork is complete we can also supply the acrylic personalised registrations and have them delivered to your door, while you can add optional extras such as a flag, a border, 3D lettering or a square rear plate. Our team have been helping customers find their perfect registrations since the industry picked up in 2010 and we’re available between 8am and 10pm 7 days a week. To speak to a member of our team today please call us on 01952 588888 or alternatively get in touch with us via email using sales@platehunter.com

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