Cheap Private Number Plates

Cheapest Number Plates Available in the UK 

At Plate Hunter we pride ourselves in being able to provide a huge range of cheap private number plates that will allow you to make your own personalised number plate to cherish and proudly embellish your car.

We also offer the Cheapest selection of Dateless Number Plates - Cheap Dateless Plates

If you need any help choosing your private number plates or have any questions don't hesitate to call us on 01296 341111 

Cheap Private Plates

HVG 710L £50.00
OAJ 235P £50.00
DBU 285V £50.00
FVN 275J £50.00
ETV 618T £69.00
FMA 506F £69.00
LFM 423N £69.00
VEF 259X £69.00
VEF 260X £69.00
WDS 956V £69.00
HFX 901E £79.00
KPW 541N £79.00
KRB 567N £79.00
ABW 274G £100.00
CCA 708M £100.00
EPT 548X £100.00
GNT 562M £100.00
HST 667F £100.00
JBW 610Y £100.00
JUX 203V £100.00
LFM 410N £100.00
OKH 182V £100.00
RFM 804L £100.00
TAW 550X £100.00
YJR 254T £100.00
YNE 109L £100.00
YNF 219S £100.00
BVR 69K £125.00
TOR 410G £125.00
MDM 651G £129.00

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